Today, over 50% of Americans are not investing in the stock market. Many see it as complicated, intimidating, and lastly, boring. Wizest wants to make investing more accessible, engaging, and consistent with today’s consumer behavior.

Depending on their appetite for risk, new investors can anticipate returns between 3% and 16%, net of fees. How does that compare to your basic 401k and savings accounts?
Learn from the best as advisors describe their trades and explain their investment strategy, all while making money and having fun!
Have Fun!
Wizest has been built around gamification. Check out our investor leaderboards, earn rewards, win contests, and more.
The Wizest Team
Wizest has been built by a combination of banking, fintech, and product management veterans. Our team hails from companies like Visa and Amazon, with alumni from MIT and Case Western Reserve University. Contact us at if you are interested in joining our team!
CEO - Axel Thibon
Axel Thibon
Founder & CEO

Axel is the founder and CEO of Wizest. In early 2019, he started Wizest with William Littlefield and Rafael Vallina, his longtime friend. They all share a vision of democratizing access to financial advisors.

Wizest is now live and the team is excited to bring value to both investors and advisors.

Before Wizest, Axel worked in several industries and companies across Europe and the US. In recent years, his career was primarily in banking, specializing in strategy, digital transformation, and digital banking. During his last project, he built and launched a new online bank. Axel holds two master’s degrees in industrial engineering from both France and Spain, as well as an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

William Littlefield
Chief Technology Officer

William is co-founder and CTO of Wizest. He leads the development of the Wizest mobile application, website, and cloud infrastructure. William’s experience spans from development expertise to early stage fundraising.

Prior to Wizest, William launched two startups and worked as a senior engineer at Fortune 500 companies, with fintech-specific experience at Visa. He holds both an undergraduate and graduate degree from Case Western Reserve University, where he has been developer-in-residence for their startup incubator, building products and providing technical consulting to founders.

William is also a philosopher of technology and applied ethics. He contributes to numerous publications as an author and technical reviewer.

CMO - Laz Gonzalez

Lazaro Gonzalez

Chief Marketing Officer

Lazaro is co-founder and CMO of Wizest–he leads our customer acquisition efforts along with branding and marketing strategy. 

Before Wizest, Lazaro created, developed, and managed digital marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including the nation’s leading digital service providers. Most recently he was the head of a direct-bank. While there he launched a separately branded, digital-only, bank and managed all digital marketing initiatives, including the SEO/SEM strategies for multiple divisions.